Some clients and customers of your café would go back to your resto not only because of the fact that you are friends to them but because of the food that you are serving and the meals that you can offer to them. Aside from that you need to make the place more attractive to them so that they can recommend this one to their friends and you will be able to achieve a great satisfaction to the taste to the physical structure of the place. If you wanted to make the place more appealing then you need to consider an additional space where they can relax while enjoying the meal and others would like to feel the natural breeze outside or the sunshine from the sun, so it is nice that you consider the patio installation so that they can have the option where they want to sit and to enjoy the different dishes that they have ordered from your resto.  

It may sound expensive to make this one possible but you need to consider the welfare of your customers as you generate income from them and this is the best way for you to gain more money in the future. You don’t need to worry as well for those customers who would runout of seats as you can introduce more chairs and places for them to sit down and they can enjoy the good ambiance of the place but you need to make sure that you are going to prepare this place very well so that it won’t look bad and unpleasant to them. You can try to plant more plants and flowers there as this will be a good way to attract their attention and aside from that, it is nice that you will always consider the best structure and materials for them.  

We can help you by reading some of the suggestions that we can give in order to keep this area improving and most people would enjoy their experience in your place.  

You need to clean this patio every day and make sure that you have the best cleaning method for the different weather like winter when the snow falls down and when the sun is shining so bright during the summer time. If you are considering the patio in front of your resto, then make sure that it is always welcoming as the customers would walk here and try to see things and the atmosphere of the place.  

Make sure that you have the enough seats for the customer so that they can enjoy their stay there and try to choose those comfortable sits as you know some are very pick when it comes to this matter. If you can have a good way to show the menu as well in the patio, then that would be a great thing to consider and it will be very nice as it is easier for the customers to order next time and no trouble at all.